The Change is in you – Cilento is an apartheid, apolitical and non-profit association. The fundamental aim of the association is to promote aggregation of youth. The association organizes events and recreational, sporting and cultural activities in general in order to promote social aggregation and the inclusion of people with fewer opportunities (disabled, immigrants, economically disadvantaged people).

The fundamental aims of the association are: to implement projects of active citizenship also through the forms of volunteering and collaboration of young people; managing social services as well as other initiatives for free time, culture, sport and the associative daily life, aimed at improving the quality of life of young people; to organize awareness campaigns addressed to young people about major interest’s topics such as drugs, alcohol, sex, street education, gambling, etc .; to promote project activities in the field of social action by encouraging investigations and debates on youth unemployment, education and training that foster young people’s participation, about equality between women and men, sustainable development and protection of the environment, fighting violence and delinquency, as well as discrimination, and about  access to rights.

The Change is in you – Cilento realizes all this activities with the contribution of local authorities, public institutions and, above all, structures and private subjects. In order to achieve this social purpose, the Association promotes: studies, researches, debates, editorial initiatives, cultural education and updating in the field of youth policies, publication of newsletters, magazines, brochures and guides to promote youth gathering by engaging young people in cultural, recreational and sports activities.