Childhood Academy’s goal is to develop target group’s expertise in social interactions and support their multi-faceted development through lifelong learning. The target group is children, youth, parents, and professionals.

It considers the family as a central component of a society. Socially competent and educated families create a safe and caring community where everyone enjoys growing up in.

Using formal and non-formal education methods Childhood Academy educates both professionals, parents, children and youth to create a common understanding of a caring, nurturing and improving society. Children and youth are taught pro-social behavior models through games and experiential learning.

Educating parents on how to create and maintain a warm relationship with their family and other people. Professionals are trained to teach caring attitude by example to both children and parents. Also to teach parents how to better understand their children and help them grow and learn.

NGO Academy of Childhood (Tallinn, Estonia) is organisation, that focuses on creating safe environment for holistic education and workshops for children, youth and adaults; and promoting local and European active citizenship. This NGO  collaborates with many local and international NGO’s, local municipalities, schools and people, who strife for self-education and gaining better understanding and comminucation with others and with oneself, as well as with the environment.

 Activities for teenagers includes meetings in school and in non-formal environments to discuss different themes and issues such as communication, sexuality, conflicts in school, friendship etc. Activities for youngsters include courses for minority youth leaders, taking part in international youth exchanges and training courses.

On the other hand NGO Academy of Childhood work with families to create basis for sustainable and safe society.

Its members have been working with kids, youth, their parents and educational professionals for over 12 years using non-formal and informal education methods. Over the years, the organization has been developing  approaches and methodology to provide even better service in educating local population. The leader of this NGO is self-employed entrepreneur who has established self-sufficient and self-sponsored kindergarten, where specialists use different non-formal and informal methods to create safe environment for kids and guarantee their adequate social, behavioral, physical and emotional development.

Throughout the year its members organize numerous workshops to attract more specialists and parents, youth and kids to our activities, which promote social inclusion, equality, helping national minorities to have equal possibilities in our country and our city.