PVK Oxygen is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote sports, recreation, healthy lifestyle and alternative tourism in the Republic of Macedonia. It was founded in 1997 in Skopje.

This organization is member of Macedonian Cycling Federation and with its cycling team it has won awards for the best mountain biking cycling club in Macedonia for 2015, 2016 and 2017. The organization has Macedonian mtb cycling champions in all categories Cadets, Juniors, Elites female and male and they are all guided and coached by Amar Njemcevic Level 2 UCI MTB coach from Bosnia. Besides Macedonian cycling league it continuously competes in many international races. The development of mountain biking in Macedonia inevitably contributed to the rise of the, so called, active and alternative tourism. PVK Oxygen has been a dynamic supporter of the development of active and alternative tourism in Republic of Macedonia over the past 15 years. Pvk Oxygen has marked thousands of trails with cooperation of local municipalities and it was actively involved in a number of seminars and workshops regarding development of sports and active tourism within non government and government institutions.

As an active member of the tourism cluster within the USAID project MCA, MTB Oxygen promoted Macedonian tourist capacities to the foreign delegates from Vermont, USA, within the event VERMOUNT OUTREACH.

Furthermore, it was involved in the presentation of the Macedonian capacities to 25 world tour operators during their visit to Macedonia. Its members promoted the Macedonian possibilities for active and alternative tourism to the biggest German and Russian tour operators and they visited several European tourism fairs. PVK Oxygen together with RICHARD BANGS ADVENTURES – YAHOO promoted Macedonia and its capacities for active tourism through one of the largest INTERNET search engines Yahoo. The members were hosts to the French citizens Nathalie Cuche – reporter, Eric Beallet – photographer, Bruno Laval – bike tester and Olivier Durbec – doctor, who were doing a report on Macedonia for one of the most famous European magazines for alternative tourism from Switzerland. During the past years its members also have organized numerous seminars and educational classes on promoting cycling and healthy lifestyle among youngsters. The organization has partnered and its members have been part of many events organized by local municipalities and other educational institustions on various subjects. We have large exeperience in organizating not only seminars and educational events but also professional events with national and international unions thus confirming our knowledge and experience in organizing such events.

In the past 20 years PVK Oxygen was organizer of many events related to mountain biking, trail development, active alternative tourism and healthy lifestyle in the Republic of Macedonia. In regards to our experience regarding the application its members can note that during the past years of our existence we have continously worked with young children and youths directly within our orgnization, which has youth section, and also through our partnership with many schools and municipalities for promoting sport and healthy lifestyle in outdoor activities. In the youth section within this organization, it has cadets and juniors that do compete professionaly but also we have the ones that simply love the idea of being outdoor and practise sports. In the last three years PVK promoted the benefits of cycling, scouting and camping in nature to children younger than 15.

The promotion and education is done by professional cyclists. Besides cycling the children in the youth school gain experience in team work and they develop healthy lifestyle. All of these of Oxygen activities are in order to improve the health of children.

Among many events the members have been involved, they can point out the event in which the trainers promoted healthy lifestyle and cycling among childred with diabetes. They were part of the event in which it was presented alternative ways of dealing with the problem in which Oxygen presented how cycling can regulate and control glycone blood levels. Other project that it can point out is the cycling school within the organization in which children from 5 to 12 can learn and develop their cycling skills and enjoy their time outdoor. There are many other projects we can provide such sa youth mountain caping orientation weekend, learning our country in outdoor, benefits of sports in children development and etc