Due to pandemic and restrictions we cannot make the real meetngs. But what we can do is to involve young people and their families into interactive discussion about sport and its role in our daily life.
Yoy can listen the interview with physical education teachers working with children with disabilities, how they are motivating them to be physically active.

In the frame of FREE TO PLAY TOGETHER project WSBINOZ developed a set of videos that will help you to keep fit during the pandemic. Most of sport facilities are closed and we cannot use them. But remember that you always can exercise at home. The only thing you need is a little bit of space and good humor. Join today’s set of exercises with us.

Despite the COVID-19 WSBINOZ (Poland)

had again the occasion to be a co-organizer of the running event. See how much fun we had. Again we have the occasion to discuss the healthy and active style of living with the participants and the youngest one has been awarded.

9 November 2020

Healthy lunchboxes – practical workshops

The workshops lunch boxes were organised at facilities of the WSBINOZ on the 6th of November 2019. During the workshops the pupils from two classes from SP in Rąbień took part in total number of 38 students:
The program of workshops was aimed at learning pupils, how they should prepare
their lunchboxes, which they are taking to school.

4 November 2020

Despite the current problems, the staff tries to carry out all the activities of “Free to Play Together”.

Big meeting with pshychologist, in a way of questions-answers, about the maintenance of psychical health and dealing with the general anxiety in now times.

2 November 2020

Giungano, Italy

Outdoor activities
We are free to play together

28 August 2020 

Yoga classes in Estonia in frames of “Free to play together” project

13 July 2020

Hello everybody, hope you are doing well!

Greetings from Estonia, where our “Academy of childhood” keeps functioning even during this unusual times.
Kinesiologist, psychologist, methodist, game therapist and educator here in the center are voluntarily having activities with children almost every day in the times of the quarantine. Activities are meant not only for developing, but also for strengthening immunity and lowering anxiety level.
Keep safe and chin up!
With love from Estonia!

5 May 2020

Workshop in Italy

Sport and health

10 February 2020

Sessions with the educator in Estonia in frames of the project “Free to play together”

30 January 2020

“Free to play together” from Estonia

Participants of “Free to play together” from Estonia helping to organize a New Year celebration for children conducting various sport workshops

The pyramide of healthy eating – theoretical workshop

The workshops “Pyramide of Healthy Eating” were organised at facilities of the WSBINOZ on the 6th of November 2019. During the workshops the pupils from primary school in Rąbień took part in total number of 38. 

Be careful what you eat and what you drink

The pupils were invited to WSBINOZ on the 21st of November 2019 and participated in theoretical and practical workshops, during which together with students of WSBINOZ have been discussing on the quality of the food and beverages. The nutritionist explained what ingredients they can find in the products they are usually eating and drinking. Also as many children brought their own lunchboxes, we have made a discussion about their content.

Intergeneration meeting

The workshops for the Intergenerational House, were organized on 10th of December 2019, during which the nutritionist together which students of dietetics discussed with the adults the importance of healthy lifestyle and the role of sport in daily life.

Elementary school “Krume Kepeski”

With students from elementary school “Krume Kepeski” learning about sport and healthy habits , as part of the continuing project “Free to play together” financed by Erasmus with our parners

6 November 2019

Workshop with the sociologist.

5 November 2019

Activities realized in Greece

23 October 2019

Sports activities Giungano Italia

18 October 2019

Meeting with nutritionist in Giungano Italia

24 September 2019

Workshops about the social inclusion

12 September 2019

Activities realized in Kavala, Greece

September 2019

Workshop in Italy

We talked about Europe, Sport, Social Inclusion and Diversity.

September 2019

Meeting with nutritionist in Estonia.

September 2019

Outdoor workshop to talk about sport and social inclusion

7 September 2019

Working hard in Skopje and Kumanovo, Macedonia. 

Spring and summer activities done in our schools.Lectures about health and sports and some races for the youngest! We are FREE TO PLAY TOGETHER!

August 2019

Sport and Team Building Activities

We are FREE TO PLAY TOGETHER thanks to the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Union

25 July 2019

Team Building Activities Giungano Italia

National conference of young nutritionist

The conference with students all over Poland, future nutritionist had been organized under the coordination of the dietetics faculty of WSBINOZ on the 6th of June. During the conference several different topics had been presented. The event was organized on the 6th of June 2019.

Conference with teachers/educators, nutritionists, trainers, coaches and sport club managers.

The meeting with teachers/educators, nutritionists, trainers, coaches and sport club managers to discuss with them the need of healthy and active living. The participants shared their ideas about the healthy eating habits as well as about activity. The workshops were organized on the 23rd of June 2019.

Estonia “Free to play together”

Even though a lot of people are out of the country during summer, we still keep meeting in Estonia to have activities in frames of “Free to play together” project.

July 2019

Workshops in progress

We talked about sport, diversity and importance of Europe for young people.

July 2019

Active life in Estonia

Meetings with the nutritionist, with psychologist and cooking workshops!

June 2019

Meeting with the nutritionist in Estonia

“We read the labels”;  “Energy drinks” – workshops for students from class VIII B

“We read the labels” , “Energy drinks” – workshops for children from class no VIII B
On the 6th of May 2019, WSBINOZ organised the workshops at Szkoła Podstawowa im. ks. Kardynała Wyszyńskiego Prymasa Tysiąclecia w Rąbieniu.

“Healthy eating – colorful living”

On the 30th of May 2019 WSBINOZ organized the workshops in a more practical form, so as the youngest one were more involved in. The staff of WSBINOZ prepared several games which were connected with healthy eating habits and healthy and active lifestyle. 

First international meeting in Italy

April 2019


25 April 2019

The Charity Run for Julia

The staff of WSBINOZ together with students have participated in the charity run, during which there was also the occasion to discuss about bout the healthy and active lifestyle, involvement of disabled in the society and using sport as tool to include people with lower opportunities. All interested parties received the information about project and discussed topics.

Participants analisys.


10 May 2019

2st meeting Free to play together

February 2019

1st meeting Free to play together

6 February 2019

1st meeting Free to play


4 February 2019